• Used when it is expected to have this drainage for > 3 days.
• Universal double hook & rope hanger with kink prevention.
• Shape must allow complete & efficient drainage, disposable, sterile.
• With the sampling port and vented drip chamber will reduce the risk of retrograde bacterial infection.


• Folley catheter 2-ways pure silicon.
• 30-SOCm long with two lateral eyes.
• Balloon size: 3-5ml with valve suitable to be used with syringe luer lock.
• Cylinderical, size: ch 18 attached to urine drainage bag 2000ml capacity with about one meter long tube.
• Clear & fixed numerical graduation, sample port, sliding T-shape drainage valve, anti-reflux valve.
• Slide Clamp.


Single sterile peel packed. 40 Catheter package per box.