Jamjoom Medical Industries Bloodlines are manufactured under a stringent quality system.
Specialized technical service guarantees the functionality of the bloodlines.
Jamjoom bloodlines, for which specific models arc available, are FERSENIUS 2008
single and double needle, BRAUN HD SECURA 400 ML, BRAUN HD SECURA 600 ML and CAMBRO AK10 for adults.
Jamjoom Bloodlines have an internal smooth and regular wall with a constant diameter throughout the entire line, reducing the possibility of hemolysis.
The tube is made of medical grade PVC and is non-toxic. It is produced with a greater wall thickness, which not only avoids obstruction by collapsation (Anti- Kinking), but reduces blood volume loss from the patient’s body during Haemodialysis.
Connectors are in Luer-Lock with double screw.
Chamber has an Anti-Foam system.
Sterilization with ETO.


Venous set only
Arterial Set Only
Venous and Arterial Set