• Surgical Drapes provide a micro-biologically clean area around the wound in surgeries. Together with personnel and equipment protection apparels (gowns / covers) they are a part of the infection control system in the surgery room.
  • Various non-woven materials help liquid control, incision cleanliness and barrier functions to ensure maximum clinician and patient safety.
  • Drapes are customized and designed for various surgical operations; films, cable holders ana drainage system can be integrated.
  • Material and design specifications exceed the performance requirements as defined in EN-13795 Standards, whereas production ensures conformity to Medical Devices Directive relevant clauses.
  • SMS / SMMS / SSMMS / Spunlace / PE / Bi-layer or Tri-layer materials can be used.


EO sterilization applicable.
High drapeability and lint free properties.
Easy to apply and dispose of in pre / post surgical room preparations.